GHOEMA and GLITTER : New Year Carnival

05 Jun 2010 to 31 Dec 2011 Art Exhibit
Iziko Social History Collections presents peek into Cape Malay culture. Showcases unique part of Cape Town and South Africa's history and culture with content never before been the subject of a museum exhibition. Legacy of Cape Town's New Year Carnival rooted in history of slavery and development of early working class communities. Tweede Nuwe Jaar Carnival is a significant aspect of social history of Cape Town and continues today to form part of City's cultural landscape. Exhibition details histories and performances of Nagtroepe (Malay Choirs); Christmas Bands and Klopse, who together make up what we understand as the ‘Tweede Nuwe Jaar' celebrations. Secunde House, Castle of Good Hope, Castle Str, Cape Town. Time: 09:30 - 16:00

HOME and AWAY - A Return to the South

18 Aug 2013 to 30 Jun 2014 Art Exhibit
Ifa Lethu Foundation instrumental in repatriating South African art produced during apartheid years that ended up overseas due to no local market for work of black South African artists at the time. Exhibiton explores previously lost artistic heritage. Curated by Carol Brown, examines similarities and differences between works produced by South African artists experiencing oppression of apartheid, and artists from beyond our shores who created works in support of the struggle.

Examples of Dutch art 17th - 20th centuries on view at the Old Town House's Iziko Michaelis Collection. Collections of Dutch art include Henry van den Bergh Bequest of 19th century Dutch art received via National Art Collections Fund of Great Britain in 1948.

Michaelis Collection - Old Town House, Cape Town. Gallery Hours : Mon - Sat 10am - 5pm. Closed Sun, Workers Day, Christmas Day. Free Entry. Donations welcome.

Imagining Beauty

27 Nov 2010 to 30 Apr 2014 Art Exhibit
An installation of work of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Awards winning designers, Black Coffee, Darkie, Maya Prass and others shown in Berlin last year is central to exhibition. Included are works of superb southern African beadwork, work of Michael Kra's collaboration with San artists, and edgy designs of Beloved Beads, fusion of best British and African designs. A rare Rwandan crown, worn by royalty of the Great Lakes region shortly before its collapse, as depicted in Irma Stern’s famous portrait Queen Gicanda in 1942,also on view. Supported in part by Mercedes-Benz, Century City Dealership. Gallery Hours : 09h00 to 17h00 Tues - Sun, Closed Mon, Workers Day, Christmas Day. South African National Gallery, Company Gardens, Cape Town.

Koopmans De Wet House

01 Jan 2010 to 30 Apr 2014 Art Exhibit
House museum originally built as home for well-to do Cape family during late 18th century. It houses some of best pieces of Cape furniture and silver in the country, in addition to a priceless collection of ceramics. Opened as a museum in 1914, after deaths of last private owners, Marie Koopmans-De Wet and sister Margaritha, and is oldest house museum in the country.

Hours : Open Monday to Friday: 10:00 - 17:00. Closed Sat, Sun, Christmas Day and Worker's Day. Free entrance on selected commemorative days.

Koopmans De Wet House, 35 Strand Str, Cape Town


10 Oct 2010 to 30 Apr 2014 Art Exhibit, Theatre, Expo
Travelling at speed of light may sound incredibly fast, but can you imagine travelling at speed of light for hundreds or thousands, even millions of years? We can see galaxies as they were when mammal-like reptiles roamed the Karoo. Presentation juxtaposes past eras on Earth with their equivalent eras far out in space. Daily. School Programme: Mon to Fri at 09:00, 10:15, 11:30 and 12:45 during school term (excl 1st Monday of month). Closed: Workers Day, Christmas Day and first Mon of month excl. school holidays. Parking and Disabled Access. Shop and Cafe on site. 25 Queen Victoria Street, Cape Town.

Liza King Gallery

02 Dec 2010 to 30 Apr 2014 Art Exhibit
Specializing in top South African abstract contemporary fine art, also carries a beautiful range of glassware, exotic glass chandeliers and various mediums of sculpture. Having travelled the world as a model, actress and art dealer, Lisa now shares her international flair with clientele in SA and abroad. Lisa King Gallery has sole rights in Cape Town to Marina Picasso Collection of Limited Edition Lithograph prints, cottons, silkscreens. Shop B14 Cape Quarter, 72 Waterkant St, Green Point, Cape Town. Gallery Hours : Mon - Fri 10am - 5pm
Sat 10am - 3pm.


21 Nov 2010 to 30 Apr 2014 Art Exhibit
Paintings and engravings are everywhere in Southern African landscape. Creative expressions of ideas were once alive in conversations around the campfire and in rites of passage that marked milestones of human life. Today these paintings and engravings have become sources of great longing, meanings elusive, impulses that gave rise to them often hotly debated. Rock art copies are seen as acts of translation, primarily translating ‘unboundedness’ of paintings as they exist in the landscape, into framed image of the copy. Exhibition showcases diverse range of translations including works of copyists from mid-19th to early 20th centuries. South African Museum. 25 Queen Victoria Str, Gardens, Cape Town. Hrs : Daily 10:00-17:00 / Closed Workers Day and Christmas Day

Mandela - Leader, Comrade, Negotiator, Prisoner, Statesman

12 Feb 2011 to 31 Dec 2011 Art Exhibit
Groundbreaking exhibition celebrating life and times of Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela opened at Iziko Slave Lodge to coincide with twentieth anniversary of his release from prison in 1990. Nelson Mandela was central to every stage of South Africa’s epic struggle against apartheid – from formulating new approach to struggle in 1940s, to leading mass struggle of 1950s, from formation of Umkhonto we Sizwe in early 1960s, to imprisonment for 27 years. He served as first President of democratic South Africa, according him iconic accolade of ‘Father of the Nation’. Slave Lodge - Cnr Adderley & Wale Strs, Cape Town. Hrs: Open Mon - Sat: 10:00 - 17:00 / Closed Sundays, Workers Day, Christmas Day

Movable Arts Feast – the Arts Bus

18 Aug 2013 to 30 Apr 2014 Art Exhibit
Arts Bus - a free hop-on, hop-off city bus service allows arts lovers to visit eight of the city’s premier galleries in one Saturday - hosted as part of Celebrate Durban season - leaving from KZNSA Gallery 9am and returning mid afternoon. Visit a selection of Durbans premier galleries through an art gallery trail. Travel along a dedicated circuit throughout the day allowing visitors to visit some of Durban’s top galleries every Saturday.


25 Aug 2013 to 27 Apr 2014 Art Exhibit
Muizenberg Market - Cape Town - All day Sunday - Sunrise Circle, Sunrise beach, Muizenberg - 09:00am and 17:00. Large variety of goods, minimal bric-a-brac and antiques. Lots of clothes, cheap electronics, food and toys. t 082 4019 330